About Us

The GLG edge.

GLG Consulting is an Australian-owned firm with a passion for reducing complexity and removing barriers for growth. Our projects often focus on helping a business better understand costs or a business opportunity, and identifying ways to improve on this.

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years in the management consulting field and we all believe in smaller agile projects that hold us to account and demonstrate a fast return on your investment. Our projects are scoped to maximise value for you.

Our Service Principles.

1. We scope projects for maximum client value:

  • We aim to have clients cash positive as fast as possible
  • We do not add in any wasteful work we wouldn’t pay for ourselves
  • We don’t charge for learning on the job

2. We are flexible and responsive:

  • We proactively review our approach in response to what we learn
  • We are responsive to emerging demands on client time
  • We manage scope changes within budget

3. We work on parallel projects:

  • We don’t produce a “flood stream” of documents that you can’t keep up with
  • We avoid downtime
  • We operate efficiently and you pay less

4. We stand by our work:

  • We never recommend anything we wouldn’t be happy to implement
  • We do not “rubber stamp”, and we are also not afraid to say “it’s not broken”
  • We are happy to engage on risk/reward basis

5. We engage with respect:

  • We engage and listen, and recognise the contributions of people before us
  • We provide our honest feedback, even when it differs from established views
  • We work hard to create success for everyone we work with

Our priority is to create success for our clients.