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Do Your Investors Bring More than Cash?

We helped Australia’s leading eSports organisation evaluate multiple investment offers to select a strategic partner with the right skills to grow the business.
The Client Situation

Following the growing local interest in eSports and high-profile investments by AFL and NRL clubs, Avant Garde eSports were approached by multiple organisations interested in investing in the company. The team needed the help of an experienced advisor to review existing and potential other offers, and to maximise the long-term value in the deal.

How We Became Involved

GLG Consulting worked with the CEO of Avant Garde as a part of one of our projects with the Adelaide Crows and were approached to assist. Our intimate knowledge of the drivers of value and commercial success in the eSports market put us in a prime position to establish a realistic vision for growth and a valuation recommendation.

Our Solution

Our approach was founded on three principles: To ensure we identify and evaluate all potential investors. Look at all opportunities for a strategic partnership where both sides bring unique value and Establish a deal structure where both sides have large incentives to succeed


Work Performed

After preparing a base case cash flow forecast, we looked at a variety of different partners to consider how they might contribute value and create upside. We also created a professionally printed “Summary of Investment Opportunity” document that was provided to potential investors. We then entered a multi-step negotiation including upside incentives for both parties that appropriately rewarded their contribution to future success.

The Result

Avant Garde successfully secured a well matched strategic investor in Bastion Collective. In addition to bringing a strong commercial foundation, Avant Garde will help position Bastion on the leading edge of sport industry trends. Bastion in return brings a deep knowledge of how to build commercial success in the sports industry and will help Avant Garde build business capability.

“The Avant Garde team highly value integrity and from the outset I was impressed at GLG Consulting’s commitment to getting the right outcome for our organisation. Len helped us present a professional front to potential investors, and negotiated a partnership with Bastion Collective that we are committed to and know will be successful. Len was always available to help us through tricky decisions, and really helped us refine and communicate our business strategy” 


Wesley Collier, Chief Executive Officer

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