Queensland Police Digital Vision

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We helped Queensland Police map out a future vision for the adoption of digital technologies, and bring multiple projects under the guidance of a central Digital Office.
The Client Situation

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) have had great success in recent years implementing new technologies projects like number plate recognition technology, digital radio and QLite mobile devices linked to core policing systems. Building on this, QPS wanted to define a future state vision for the broader adoption of digital technologies, with the Chief Digital Officer leading the charge.

How We Became Involved

GLG Consulting have worked extensively on ICT strategy for the Public Safety Business Agency and were also well known to QPS. Working closely with the Chief Digital Officer, we quickly created an initial concept and structure for what a Digital Vision should cover, and this was well received by key people involved.

Our Solution

After defining key principles and priorities to guide the digital program, we created a highly visual print quality document that could create passion and alignment for everyone from Deputy Commisioners on Roma Street to a Junior Constable in Cloncurry. We organised to have copies professionally printed and these were used to engage and mobilise the organisation.

Work Performed

We worked primarily with a close group of stakeholders from both across IT, innovation and frontline operations. This was a deliberately simple program with three milestones being the concept, draft and final copies of the QPS Digital Vision document. Our efforts were split evenly between consultation, research and the creation of the document itself.

The Result

The document was well received across the service, with the Queensland Police Commissioner adding his own introduction to the document. The Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency services also endorsed the vision, and added his own foreward. The Digital Office has established a new governance framework for all technology investment, and the QPS Digital Vision now guides the investment path for QPS.

“GLG Consulting has performed many important projects for the Queensland Police Service and we consider them a trusted advisor. It is always a pleasure to work closely with Len Goold and the team, and I am very happy with the way the Digital Vision articulates the direction we want to travel. It has been an instrumental tool in bringing the organisation together and promoting a coordinated approach. We now have a clear focus on end user experience and creating simpler, better, and safer delivery of police services.”


Jenson Spencer, Former Chief Digital Officer,
2016 – 2018

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